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  Ron Bunt
Saturday, July 1, 2017
I haven't yet attended a reunion, but I love seeing the pictures and hearing the stories of friends reuniting and catching up. I look upon my years at WLHS (73-75) as some pretty important ones, and ones that shaped my life so far. I moved to Columbia in the winter of '73, after growing up in Silver Spring, MD. I left the quintessential suburban life for Columbia's opportunities to grow as an individual...not so easy for this shy kid to embrace. I dove into the theater dept. and was encouraged by McBee to take an active role. So I worked managing the tickets and box office. I made several good friends, but never really felt a part of the 'in' crowd, but I was content enough. I will always be grateful for the guidance and support given by Ms. Bonnie Daniel, Mr. Caldwell, Dr. Jenkins, Mrs. Jackson, Nora, and the office staff, some of who I babysat for. Good times, some tough times. But Columbia helped to build my character, and to help me to accept and embrace everyone, and to work to build healthy relationships. As I now live in central FL, I may not have an opportunity to attend a reunion. I want to say hello to my fellow classmates (75), and give a shout out to the classes of 73 and 74, since many of my friends were actually in those classes! Stay well, my fellow Wilde Lakers...GO WILDECATS!
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